VT100 bound!

It’s official! On July 15-16, I’ll be running the 100 mile race at the Vermont 100! I knew even during the Vermont 50 back in September that I was signing up for the 100. The 50 was hard, mostly due to some troubling stomach issues, but I knew that the challenge I really wanted was the 100. So, here we go! It’s my only “A” race this whole year, so all of my training will have finishing the 100 in mind.

This week was a mixed bag of weather, which meant for a mixed bag of training.  Unfortunately, this weekend’s SIX03 snowshoe race and the 3rd race in the Granite State Snowshoe Series was cancelled. It’s been a really warm winter so once we get snow it melts into an icy crust.  This week hit into the high 40s, so the snow was completely gone for the races.  Currently, I’m in 3rd place in the GSS series, but one of my teammates is very likely to pass me once we’re out there again. Either way, the SIX03 are convincingly holding the top 4 spots. Couldn’t be prouder of our speedy women’s team!

This week was my first week back to teaching. It’s good to get back into a regular schedule again, but I did love having the time off to train, play with the dogs, and renovate my kitchen.  This past week was also the last week of my “build” phase following my Fall injury. My official 24-week training plan for the 100 starts tomorrow!  I’m very excited.

This week I got to spend a lot of time out on the trails with friends.  On Thursday night, a group of SIX03ers ran the Sweet Trail, a beautiful single-track trail that connects Durham to Newmarket and ends on Great Bay.  We started the run just at dusk and ran into the darkness. It was a beautiful warm night, but there was still a bit of snow cover on the trail. I love running trails at night with a headlamp. It makes even the most simple run feel like an adventure.

Thanks for the photos, Tony!

On Saturday, my friends Jess, Heather, Tony, and I did an amazing 3 hour run along some fun trails along Blue Job Mountain.  Jess is the local expert on trail systems in our area and she always manages to bring friends on the best adventures – “Jessventures” is what I usually call them.  Jess is a two-time 100miler finisher and has run and biked across the entire country! She’s a force to be reckoned with and a blast to be around and learn from. Heather, like me, is signed up for her first VT100. It’ll be fun to train with these two ladies throughout the spring and summer since we all have the same goal. Our friend Tony is pacing Heather this year, but finished his first VT100 in 23 hours last year and has big plans for going even longer (yes… there are races longer than 100 miles).

Thanks for the photos, Heather. Maybe someday I’ll get a phone that doesn’t shut off in the cold.

Our run was about 11.5 miles, but it took us almost 3 hours because of the terrain, snow, and elevation.

Elevation copy 2.jpg

Tony forgot his microspikes for this run, and there were some very technical and steep downhills.  The ladies and I were easily running down the mountains and feeling pretty confident in our spikes; Tony slid down them on his butt. I was laughing so hard I could barely run sometimes. This run was the highlight of my week and makes me look forward to all the crazy adventures and wonderfully weird people that training for a 100 mile race is sure to bring into my life.




Mileage: 33.3 running; 6.8 walking/hiking

Time on Feet: 9hr 38min

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