The Harrier

Maureen Gillespie

@harrierandhounds (Instagram),  @mgillespie530 (Twitter) 



I’m an animal lover, college psychology professor, and life-long runner.  I’m a member of Six03 Endurance – the largest running club in New Hampshire.


5k – 19:19  Great Bay 5k November 2015

10k – 41:36  Beach to Beacon 10k August 2016

Half marathon –  1:32:49  Seacoast Half Marathon November 2015

Marathon – 3:20:02  Maine Coast Marathon  May 2016

50k – 5:23:34  Salomon Trail Running Festival at Pineland Farms May 2017

50m – 9:44:05 Vermont 50  September 2016


The Hounds

Tulah Mae  Vizsla/Beagle mix  (DOB ~9/29/11)


Tulah was found in rural Tennessee in a ditch with three puppies in January 2013. She had giardia, heart worm disease, and was grossly underweight. She was pulled from the Tipton County Animal Shelter by PAWS New England and fostered in Watertown, MA until the I adopted her on March 29th, 2013. She’s a fabulous running partner and loves agility, snacks, and chasing squirrels.

5k PR – 26:00  PAWS New England Run for Shelter 2014

  • Tulah is much, much faster when she doesn’t get distracted. She regularly breaks 24 minutes on training runs.


Zorro  Lab/Chow Chow/Shiba Inu mix  (DOB ~3/29/13)


Zorro was a feral dog. He was picked up in rural Tennessee in November 2013 and found his way into a foster home in TN in December 2013, just hours before he was to be put to sleep.  He came to live with me as a foster in January 2014; however, I couldn’t let him go after seeing how terrified he was and how much work he would require. To see Zorro’s story, please check out this blog.  Zorro required a full year of intensive behavior modification and medical intervention for his fear issues and heart worm disease.  Today Zorro is a happy, healthy boy who loves to run, go for walks, and go to dog-friendly events and establishments.

5k PR – 22:49 4th Annual PAWS New England Run for Shelter 2017

The Felines

Galileo and Arugula – Sister cats   (DOB  ~6/30/05)

These ladies were picked up by my former roommate as kittens outside of a grocery store in North Carolina when he was in college. They lived with him in NC and then in Boston, MA until we finished grad school. At that point, it made the most sense for the ladies to come with to my post doctoral position in Illinois and then to the Seacoast of New Hampshire when I got my first faculty position.  They mainly like to sleep and oversee the craziness that the hounds bring to the house. They are the most adaptable cats ever, and I’m very thankful for that!