Oops… Some highlights

I did a very poor job of keeping up on my blogging throughout March and April. Training went mostly well, but there were some tough sections of life that kept me from making this part of my experience a focus.

So, I’m going to do a highlight reel of the last month and a half or so, and then get a real race recap from the Boston Marathon!


March 6-12th

Highlights – A trip to Baxter State Park in -5 degree temps to run 16+ miles! Coldest two runs I have ever been on!


Mileage: 53.7 running; 3.4 walking (most running was on spikes!)

Time on feet/working out: 11hr 3min


March 13-19th

Highlights: Raised the white flag – Snowmaggedon forced me onto the treadmill a couple times.


Mileage: 43.6 running; 7.3 walking

Time on feet/working out: 9hr 54min


March 20-26th

Highlights: Unexpected trip to FL, Eastern States 20miler. Ran my flatest 50miles ever!


Mileage: 52.2 running; 5.6 walking

Time on feet/working out: 8hr 56min


March 27th -April 2nd

Highlights: An April Fool’s snowstorm. Soul crushing.


Mileage: 56.6 running; 8.5 walking

Time on feet/working out: 11hr 54min


April 3 – 9th

Highlights: Sorta spring/sorta winter. Fighting off a cold on the treadmill.


Mileage: 50.1 running; 7.5 walking

Time on feet: 9hr; 55min


April 10-16th

Highlights: Boston taper time! In a last-minute decision I decided to back off to rest a bit before the big day.


Mileage: 25.3 running; 5.6 walking

Time on feet: 5hr 19min


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