I’ve run a lot this training cycle. It kind of hit me a bit this week when I was looking back at how many races I entered since the start of 2017.  Granted, pretty much all of them were just “training” – I was going to give a good, solid effort, but there was no real tapering and none of them were “A” races.  Wapack was the closest thing I had to a real race, but the goal there was just to finish without breaking my face, or leg, or anything else!  I’ve had my eyes on VT100 with every mile I’ve run, and miles I’ve decided not to run, this whole year.

Here’s the breakdown on racing since 1/1/2017:

  • Whitaker Woods Snowshoe race (4th woman)
  • Moose Mountain Runaround Snow Shoe race (4th woman)
  • Florida Half Marathon (1:38:XX – 3rd AG with first 6.5 at 8min pace as a warmup)
  • Eastern States 20miler (paced a friend at 8:06min/mi pace)
  • Boston Marathon (3:38:XX in very hot temps, so kept it relaxed)
  • Run for Shelter Canicross 5k (22:49 for Zorro’s 6min PR!)
  • Wapack and Back 50miler (13:44:00 – 3rd woman, only 3 women went the distance)
  • Pineland Farms Canicross 5k (25min for another 6min PR on a course with Zorro)
  • Pineland Farms 50k (5:23:34, 10th woman, end of a 70 mile week as a training run!)


So, last week I decided to back off a bit. I was at a conference for a few days and I was just feeling a bit drained. I took my runs nice and easy and even got back in the pool for the first time since January 2016!  Rest and recovery is just as important as running when the goal is to get to a 100miler start line healthy and ready to attempt to push the limits of what’s possible.


So, instead of a long post, here are some pictures of Pineland, a very cool prize package I won through a Yeti Trail Runners Instagram contest, and some random shots from a 15 mile trailventure!



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Miscellany from my birthday week!

15mile trailventure on National Trails Day!

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Training recap (5/29-6/4)

Mileage: 42.5miles running; 4.2 walking; 0.8 swimming!!

Time exercising: 9hr10min

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